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Our exciting plans for the future

Glasgow’s Sensory Hub is designed to create an exciting, inspiring and stimulating environment for all children.

The rich and varied sensory experiences and opportunities on offer will help to nurture and develop each individual child’s educational, cognitive and communication skills - regardless of learning difficulties and / or sensory impairments the child may have.

Our exciting plans include ‘stay-and-play’ sessions, staff-led activities and small group sensory classes. We will also offer support opportunities for families who may have concerns about their child’s development, including networking and sharing of experiences.Throughout 2019, we will take on a Development Worker, to hep us to grow these plane. Check back on this website regularly for updates, or check us out on our Social Media platforms.

Getting it Right for Every Child

At The Sensory Hub, we believe in ‘Getting it Right for Every Child’ and our services are aligned with the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators.

Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) is the Scottish Government's approach to supporting children and young people. The approach supports children and young people so that they can grow up feeling loved, safe and respected and can realise their full potential. The approach uses eight wellbeing indicators, often referred to by their initial letters – SHANARRI.

Safe : The right to be protected from abuse, neglect and harm at home, at school and in your community.
Healthy: Help to keep healthy and to make choices which will give you the best physical and mental health.
Achieving: Support and guidance to learn, develop skills, and build confidenceand self esteem.
Nurtured: Whenever possible you should live and grow up in a caring family setting even if not with your own family.
Active: You will have real opportunities for leisure activities, play activities and sport.
Respected and Responsible:This means you will be listened to, involved in decisions that affect you, supported and advised regarding your rights.
Included: Help in overcoming those things which make it difficult for you to get involved and helping

What is sensory play?

Sensory play means play that is not just enjoyable but actively engaging, stimulating a child’s sense of touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing, balance and movement.

A sensory rich environment features a variety of different props to encourage the child to explore their exciting new environment, building their knowledge of the world as they investigate and explore.

As they do so, they process and respond to sensory information and their brain creates stronger neural connections.

This helps them to refine their understanding of different sensory experiences. For example, some children find it difficult to play appropriately alongside others when there their environment is confusing for them.

1. Sensory play builds nerve connections within the developing brain’s neural pathways which in turn lead to the ability to complete more complex learning tasks.
2. Sensory Play supports language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving skills and social interaction.
3. Sensory play aids in the developing and enhancing of memory function
4. Sensory play is great for calming an anxious and frustrated child
5. Sensory play helps children learn vitally important sensory attributes (hot, cold, soft, hard etc)

Using the Senses to learn…

Our senses of touch, hearing, sight, taste, smell, balance and movement are the things that we use to gain new knowledge.

They work together as tools to build up our knowledge of a situation or an environment

All learning and growth happens when we bring together this information from all the senses and relate it to our past learning.

From birth through to early childhood, children use their senses to try to understand the new, exciting world around them. They are interested in everything - touching surfaces, putting things in their mouths, listening curiously to new sounds, moving their bodies.

In doing so, they are taking in new information through their senses, and in turn their brain is forming neural connections and works to turn the information into meaningful learning.

Children learn more from birth to four that during any other time of their life.

It is why a sensory rich environment can be a magical journey of learning for a child.

Children do not learn best by listening or watching adults. Instead, they need as much hands-on sensory stimulus as possible.

This sensory stimulus supports cognitive growth, language extension, motor skills, social interaction and problem-solving skills.

Mission statement and ethos of the sensory hub

1. To provide an environment which is inclusive, stimulating, safe and inspiring.

2.To encourage children to experiment, problem solve, discover and explore.

3. To provide support to families enabling them to form natural supports with other families facing the similar challenges

Our aims are:
  • To support families before their difficulties reach crisis point
  • Improve the child’s educational experience
  • Build resilience, confidence and self-worth in children and adults
  • Strengthen family relationships and help parents to feel more supportive, capable and responsible.
By meeting these aims we work towards positive outcomes for family relationships, more positive school and nursery experiences, whilst increasing resilience to deal with life's challenges. We work to the SHANARRI outcomes

We'd like to thank our supporters:

Building on a dream

Sensory Hub Glasgow has been designed and created by Gail Macdonald.

Following a long career in childcare (Nursery Owner) and subsequently owning and running sensory classes for young children in the mainstream sector Gail had a desire to help children and families with sensory impairment issues overcome hurdles to being included.

Her wish was to open the “Sensory Hub”, an environment which is inclusive, stimulating, safe and inspiring where children and their families can feel comfortable, respected and understood. A specially designed sensory space, allowing families to better their quality of life and help their child develop a greater functional independence.

Since 1986, after graduating Gail has been involved in Child Care she has since 1991 owned and managed her own nurseries in Glasgow, and thereafter run sensory child development classes locally.

The Sensory Hub is the realisation of her long-held ambition to develop a sensory space suitable for young children, with or without additional sensory support needs. The sensory play that the Hub offers makes full use of children’s five core senses, while also stimulating their movement, balance and gross motor skills.

A sensory environment can help with language development, cognitive skills, motor skills, problem solving and social interaction. There is a lot of research to show that sensory play builds neural connections in the brain’s pathways, which extends the child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks.

The Sensory Hub experiences

As The Sensory Hub grows and develops organically, we hope to offer opportunities for families to network and share experiences along with using the fabulous sensory rich space we have created meeting the needs of all children under the age 4 years old or potentially older if there is a specific concern or sensory impairment.

There will be stay and play sessions, staff led activities, small group sensory classes and networking opportunities eventually.

We will also hope to specialise in signposting parents who may have concerns about their child’s development to local health professionals, charities and support agencies.

The Sensory Hub

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