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The Sensory Hub Glasgow is an inclusive, stimulating and safe space...

The "Hub” is a sensory rich environment which is inclusive and inspiring, where children can feel comfortable, respected and understood.
Our sensory space is specially designed to allow family members to ‘play’ alongside their children. This has the potential to help the child develop functional independence whilst improving health, wellbeing and bonding for all members of the family.
The Sensory Hub staff have a wealth of experience. We firmly believe in ‘Getting it Right for Every Child’, and our services are aligned with the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators.
We also recognise, nurture and develop the individual needs of our customers. We provide a safe, stimulating space which supports the educational / cognitive / communication needs of our customers including those with additional support needs.
As we develop and grow, the Sensory Hub will host an increasingly exciting mix of ‘Stay and Play’ sessions, staff led activities, small group sensory classes and networking opportunities.
Check in on our website over the coming months for more details.

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The Sensory Hub

Westwood Business Centre 69 Aberdalgie Road Easterhouse, Glasgow G34 9HJ

Tel          07702 806 640
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